Patrick Wohler's Newspaper Columns on Genealogy

originally printed in the Arnprior Chronicle-Guide and other newspapers

in the Ottawa Region Media Group

Researching family history has become a very popular and, for some people, a very consuming hobby.  In this column we will explore the various documents and sources of information, how to gain access to them, how to overcome problems and ‘brick walls’, and other sources of help. 

Family Historian Columns

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Copyright  These columns are the intellectual property of Patrick Wohler and he holds copyright in them. They are presented here as a resource for my fellow researchers and you may freely make a copy of  any columns for your own research purposes. If you wish to make multiple copies for any reason (handouts for a talk, etc.) or use a substantive part of one in a publication, please contact Judy Wohler at 613-256-4097  for permission to do so.

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