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Interview with Luke Sheldrick of Terramor Farm

Luke Sheldrick and Dana Moores recently purchased an old farm on Dickson Road in Burnstown and named it Terramor Farm after Luke's parent's farm in White Lake. Located at Lot 19 Concession 3, the farm was originally settled by Robert Dickson who was granted 100 acres by the Crown in 1860. The farm remained in the family until the 1970’s when the Bennett’s made it their home. Now Luke and Dana intensively farm about one acre using hand tools, a two-wheel tractor and floating row covers to protect the plants and hold some warmth. They sell their wide range of produce to several restaurants in Ottawa, and have a table at the Carp market on Saturday mornings. They also sell shares to supporters of Community Supported Agriculture for weekly boxes of vegetables throughout the summer. Their goal is to be able to work full time at their business which supports their passion for good food.

For more information on Terramor Farm, visit their website:

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CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It’s been common in North America since the 1970’s.

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Terramor Farm produce at the Carp Market

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There is no time when we are selling our produce at least right now that people don't know exactly who we are or have the opportunity to come and see how we farm.

Luke and Dana May 2017


You are going to look out on your field and you’re going to see a thousand problems, and that’s just how it is.

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Working in the field

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The small scale farms are very small scale in what they’re doing. We aim to not exceed much more than an acre this year.

The new field at Terramor Farm on Dickson Road.

Sustainability is a big factor for why people believe that this is a positive thing for the future… just greater access to food.

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Nero - the friendly guard dog