Arnprior & McNab/Braeside Archives

Forgotten Soldiers

The following list of sixteen ‘Forgotten soldiers’ from WWI and WWII was compiled thanks to the Cenotaph Project. It includes those men who sacrificed their lives for our country and were not included on the Arnprior Cenotaph, but who have since been identified. Work to collect the names for the Cenotaph was the most painstaking of tasks for the committees in 1952 and 1998, and some errors and omissions were made.

The makeup of each file is identical to the files of those who were named on the Cenotaph, and can be obtained by contacting the Archives.

World War One

Cochrane, Robert Harvey

Craig, Cleveland Edward

Eady, Calvin

Laderoute, John Patrick

Lavallee, Celesta James

MacDonald, Kenneth MacLeod

Moreau, Wilfred

Perry, Kenneth Fraser

World War Two

Bell, Fredrick J.

Bittrof, Aaron

Campbell, William Alvin

Chabot, John Joseph Graham

Derochie, George W.

Farrell, David Patrick

Gahan, Patrick

Volz, Frederick