White Pine College: Gillies Mill and the Village of Braeside


Coming Soon! 

This virtual exhibit was created by archivists Laurie Dougherty (Curator) and Emma Carey (Project Manager) with the support of the Virtual Museum of Canada’s Community Stories Investment Program in 2019.

In the exhibit, fictional men, women and children tell their stories of working at Gillies Mill and their everyday experiences of living in the Village of Braeside.

Each Story Page is a creative vignette, written from the perspective of a fictional character and set in a decade where specific historical events act as a backdrop to their narrative. The exhibit can also be explored through Gallery Pages which presents the history of Braeside and Gillies Mill by particular topics.

Listen to oral history clips with former mill workers who started calling the mill “White Pine College” in the 1960’s. Several interviews with village residents are also provided throughout the exhibit. Contact the Arnprior & McNab/Braeside Archives for access to the full interviews.

Also coming soon is a Timeline highlighting significant events in the history of Braeside and Gillies Mill.

 Arthur's Hill in Braeside. Photograph by William Topley of Ottawa