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Arnprior Family History Group

"New"  Arnprior Family History Group!

At the January 2017 meeting of Patrick's Family History Group it was decided by all present to change the name of the group to "Arnprior Family History Group". This step was taken because it had become apparent that many people did not understand the nature of the group; some even thought it was only for those people who belonged to the "Patrick" family. It was also decided that meetings would take place every second month rather than every month, in an effort to get more people out to meetings and have time to promote them properly.

A new executive was formed (although terms of service were not defined):

Chair - Laurie Dougherty

Treasurer - Ralph Chown

Media/Promotion - Sheila Havey

Program Committee - Francie Heagney, Sheila Havey, Liz Campbell

Membership is $20.00 /person /year or $5.00 to attend a meeting as a non-member. Revenue generated will be used to off-set costs. Plans for upcoming meetings have not been decided upon yet but stay tuned for updates.

We encourage all members to share information, help each other, suggest speakers and activities, contribute snacks and refreshments and donate materials for the Lending Library.

For more information please contact Laurie Dougherty at 613-277-1074