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Graveside Stories: Finding Kathleen

Cemeteries hold many tragedies, mysteries and secrets. Often, when conducting family history research you have to ask yourself: what isn’t in the records, and more importantly, why is it missing? This week Laurie chronicled how the search for one individual in one cemetery led to hundreds of burials in two others.

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Graveside Stories: the Cameron Family

This week's instalment of Graveside Stories connects a gravestone from the White Lake Community Cemetery to the Cameron family, who settled in White Lake in the 1830s. It also opened up a trove of information about pioneer life in this corner of the burgeoning township.

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Graveside Stories: Lt. Col. Harold Foster Baker

This Remembrance Day, Graveside Stories features Lt. Colonel Harold Foster Baker (1904-1968). His and his wife Cecile Baker (1924-2012) are buried together just inside the main entrance to the Albert Street Cemetery.

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Graveside Stories

Welcome to the first post in a new series called “Graveside Stories”. This week, we take a look at Jean Graham Macnamara Cunningham (1906-1988).

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Our Reopening Plan

It has been very quiet in the vault these past few months. We are excited to welcome researchers back to the Archives by appointment beginning on Monday, August 17! We are taking all necessary precautions to curb the transmission of COVID-19. Please read this post before booking your appointment with us.

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