Arnprior & McNab/Braeside Archives


All About Ledgers in the Archives

Business ledgers are the Quickbooks software of yesteryear. If that sounds boring, don't be fooled! Ledgers tell their own special story - one that is important to local history and genealogy as a detailed record of ordinary life and business in the 1800s. Recently, a volunteer project has rendered ledgers from the McLachlin Bros. lumber mills and shanties much more discoverable for genealogists and historians alike. Read on to learn what ledgers are, why they matter, and how you can use them in your research!

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Inside the Vault: Vinegar Syndrome

Our Inside the Vault series has aimed to take you behind the scenes and shine a spotlight on our collections. Even though our collections are the heart of our institution, there’s a lot more that goes on at the archivist, volunteer and administration level that the public doesn’t usually get to see. Take a look inside the vault at what we’ve been working on this summer, and learn a little bit about archival preservation!

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Archives A-Z: AMBA's April Social Media Posts

Almost every day of the month of April, the Arnprior and McNab/Braeside Archives posted a fact, a story or information about archival services for every letter of the alphabet. We joined the Archives of Ontario in this initiative alongside many other archives and museums across Canada. The feedback from our followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter was wonderful, and we thank our audience for adding to the story with their comments and insights. Now, our followers have a place to go to see the posts all at once!

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Inside the Vault: Women's Institute Collections

Did you know you can access the Women's Institute records online? Since 1897, more than 2,000 Women's Institute (WI) Branches have existed across Ontario. They were founded to share knowledge for the benefit of rural women, and were instrumental in preserving the history of rural areas across the province. Learn more about the Federated Women's Institute and its records at the AMBA and online.

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Inside the Vault: The Handford Studio Collection

The Handford Studio photography collection chronicles life in Renfrew and the Ottawa Valley between 1895 and 1975. This blog peaks into the Archives’ Vault, where the collection is kept, exploring not only the history of Handford Studio in Renfrew and how the collection came to Arnprior but also the family behind the business.

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